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Access advanced ticketing features with Beyonk’s powerful and easy-to-use booking system for your brewery tours. With unrivalled support and industry-low fees.

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Online ticketing for brewery tours

Let’s brew up a better business together. Beyonk is a booking system that helps Brewery Tours sell more and spend less time on administrative duties for managing customers. Did you know that 76% of global consumers would rather spend money on experiences over things, yet it’s much easier to buy ‘things’? A key barrier to getting active and doing more are the digital barriers to finding and booking experiences. That’s why at Beyonk, we are dedicated to giving brewery tour experience providers the tools they need to run their business effectively. We ensure our software is modern and easy-to-use, not only for our clients but for their customers too, so everyone reaps the benefit of a seamless booking journey. But, what exactly will your business benefit from with Beyonk? We have a multitude of features accessible to all clients, including cart functionality which allows your customers to add multiple experiences to their basket and purchase all in a single checkout. You can also quickly set up single or multi-day scheduling which includes multiple time slots in a single day so you can evenly distribute customers throughout the day and control crowds. Beyonk makes it simple to operate your brewery tour business and utilise our booking features to their fullest potential for maximum ticket sales.

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Quick and easy event tour ticketing solutions

Whether you’re a new business still looking to get off the ground, or a long-standing organisation, Beyonk is the perfect solution for you. We make complex ticketing effortless with our software, purposefully built to be simple and easy-to-use for all kinds of tourism businesses. You don’t need to be a technical wizard, we’ve made everything as self explanatory as possible. However, should you need a helping hand, our staff are on hand 24/7 to help you through the onboarding process and beyond.

Shopping cart functionality

The future of online shopping is convenience. More and more users are opting to make purchases via their mobile devices due to accessibility and ease of use. When you combine a mobile-first booking system like Beyonk with the ability to enable your customers to purchase multiple experiences in a single check out, it’s a no-brainer that your business will benefit from this feature.

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Gather feedback from questionnaires

Questionnaires are also an excellent way to gather some customer reviews you can then share on your website. Learn more about what your customers think of your tours by sending out questionnaires after a visit. Your Beyonk booking system will automatically send an email out to customers asking them to fill in your questionnaire so you can gather as much feedback as possible.

Reduce administrative duties by automating the booking journey

Utilise our software to automate the booking journey so your staff can reduce their administrative duties and focus on what’s most important. Our management system allows you to monitor ticket sales effortlessly and keep track of availability, staff scheduling and more. Automate the booking journey so you spend less time manually sending confirmation and reminder emails to customers. Beyonk is the best booking tool at your disposal.

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Ticketing Features

  • Instant booking or pre-paid requests

    Choose whether you want your booking system to automatically accept online bookings or give your staff the chance to accept or decline the booking request depending on availability.
  • Single slot or multi-day scheduling

    Schedule a short, single-day event or create multi-day events with our simple-to-use scheduling tools.
  • Shopping cart functionality

    Maximise your revenue by enabling shopping cart functionality for all of your experiences.
  • Staff scheduling & resource management

    Limited number of helicopters available? Our resource management tool allows you to set capacity rules if one or more helicopters are out of commission.
  • Gather feedback from questionnaires

    Gather feedback about your tours by sending questionnaires out to customers.
  • Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

    Beyonk’s management tools allow you to take a step back from administrative duties and focus on what’s really important.

Why Beyonk?

Beyonk is the number one, award-winning online booking system for the tourism industry. Our mission has always been to make it simple to connect people with experiences. In order to achieve this goal, we first needed to support all experience providers in giving them the tools they need to run their business more efficiently.

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What our customers say

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I would recommend Beyonk because of its ease of use. It does exactly what it says on the website which is what every business needs to hear when they’re thinking about making a change like this. It does the job you’re paying for and compared to something like AirBnb, it’s very good value and that extra charge is something you can actually pass onto the customer which the customer seems very happy with, as it’s very cheap. Beyonk seems to explain that extra charge very well at the point of sale because it’s easy for my customers to understand where that charge is coming from because no one has ever questioned it.

Jon Mills, Co-Founder of The Foundry

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Our partners

We work with a number of partners in the tourism sector who genuinely care about offering industry-low fees for businesses to sell tickets to their large audiences, and to support and empower local businesses. We encourage collaboration and partnership between all businesses within an area to grow the sector as a whole and to give customers good reasons to visit.

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Need some help?

Despite the fact we’ve built our software to be as self explanatory as possible, sometimes you just need to speak to a person. That’s why our experts are on hand to provide you with advice or a live demonstration of our system.

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