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Streamline the booking experience and minimise admin for your staff and customers with Beyonk’s simple, yet powerful booking software for food tour providers.

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Online ticketing for food tours

Hungry for better bookings management? Fill your appetite for a better booking system by working with Beyonk - a specialist system for food tour operators that aims to make ticketing simpler than ever, with the flexibility you need for your business. Using Beyonk is a delight and ensures you can spend more time doing what matters most. You can set up multiple experiences for a single event or a multi-day experience. Manage ticket capacity seamlessly and create multiple time slots to control crowds and make your frontline staff's jobs much easier. Utilise our booking system to gather customer feedback about your food tours. You can make informed business decisions about what you do well and what you can improve on for future events. You can also automate the request for  reviews and encourage customers to follow you on social media so you stay at the top of their list for their next culinary experience.

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Quick and easy event tour ticketing solutions

When you choose Beyonk as your booking system provider, you’ll be choosing the most modern, robust and intuitive software on the market. Enjoy seamless check-ins for your tours with our QR scanning tool, helping to increase efficiencies and reduce crowds fast. Customise the booking journey to your liking and automate the process so you spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time focusing on creating the best food tour experience possible for your customers.

Single slot or multi-day scheduling

Whether you run one event a day or the same event multiple times a day, Beyonk allows you to customise your tickets with scheduled time slots for customers to choose when they’d like to check in. You can also set capacity limits to avoid overcrowding, as well as end times so customers know when a tour will end so you can get ready for the next one.

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Checkout questions

Here at Beyonk, we know the importance of collecting as much essential information as possible prior to a customer’s arrival. That’s why we enable you to set up to three checkout questions for customers to fill in before making a booking. This can be anything from food allergies, to asking them to sign up to your newsletter or even asking them where they heard about you about future marketing purposes. What you ask is up to you and you can make these optional or mandatory questions.

Maximise revenue with add-ons

Increase your chances of selling more by including add-ons during the checkout process. This can allow customers to purchase optional extras such as a premium drinks package to upgrade their experience. This is a proven way to help increase your sales opportunities and delight your customers with extras they might not have expected you to offer.

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Ticketing Features

  • Instant booking or pre-paid requests

    You can control ticket availability and accept instant or pre-paid requests.
  • Single slot or multi-day scheduling

    We make it easy to set up a single day event or multiple time slots and recurring events.
  • Shopping cart functionality

    Do you offer multiple experiences? Enable cart functionality to encourage customers to purchase multiple experiences in the same booking journey.
  • Maximise revenue through up-sells, cross-sells, gift vouchers & more

    The booking process is optimised to maximise ticket sales whilst being able to offer add-ons, gift vouchers, discount codes and affiliate codes so you can seamlessly sell more.
  • Gather feedback from questionnaires

    Gather feedback from your customers on the pros and cons of your food tour experience so you can make informed business decisions based on real data.
  • Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

    We make it easy for you to manage your bookings. Cancel or amend a customer booking at any time. Plus if you refund a booking, we’ll refund the booking fee too.

Why Beyonk?

When you take into consideration that 75% of young people spend less time outside than prison inmates, we wanted to show the importance of getting out of the house and taking advantage of what’s on our doorstep. Enter Beyonk. On a mission to connect the world to the best experiences. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are getting the best value possible when choosing us as their booking system provider and to maximise success.

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What our customers say

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We recently moved our special events ticketing to Beyonk and have been so pleased with the functionality and ease of use. We now use it for all our online ticketing. It's a very well designed, easy to use system both at the customer interface, managing customer requests and refunds. Reports and customer information is straightforward and simple to access. Superb, great business support, ease of use, and very cost effective.

Alan at Pooles Cavern

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Our partners

Simply by utilising Beyonk’s software, you’ll have access to a wealth of destination marketing organisations (DMOs) such as Visit Cornwall and National Parks UK who will actively share your experiences to their millions of website visitors. Take advantage of the tools at your disposal and increase your online presence with the click of a button.

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