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Manage your business more efficiently by utilising Beyonk’s simple, yet powerful booking system for health and fitness providers. Unrivalled support.

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Online ticketing for health and fitness providers

Building a loyal and trusted customer base can be tricky and daunting if you don’t know where to start. The most important tool at your disposal is the booking system you choose. With Beyonk, you’ll be choosing the future of online booking software as all of our tech has been built with the latest coding practices so it is completely future proof. Our modern and robust platform allows you to customise the booking process to your business requirements and provides helpful tools to help you expand. Include add-ons during the checkout process such as gift vouchers or extra pampering treatments to encourage customers to purchase more with you. Don’t miss out on opportunities to sell more, as happy customers are much more likely to recommend you to friends and family by purchasing gift vouchers during the Christmas holidays or a loved one’s birthday.

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Maximise revenue with add-ons

Did you know that approximately 10% of people will buy an add-on item or service during the checkout process? Add-ons are a fantastic way to upsell other products to potential customers to help increase your annual revenue and showcase the other services you offer when they visit. Add-ons can be anything from an evening meal to a premium drinks package, it’s up to you what you sell.

Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

Manage your business more efficiently with Beyonk’s management software that allows you to amend and cancel customer bookings effortlessly.  We know how important it is for business owners to have the tools they need to operate their business without any tech support.  That’s why our system has been built with clients like you in mind. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have the flexibility to manage bookings yourself.

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Enable waitlisting

Are you often fully booked but always find you have last-minute cancellations? We can allow you to enable waitlisting with the click of a button. Don’t miss out on sales opportunities, customers can now register their interest for your event on a particular date and time and our system will automatically send them an email to book when a spot is available.

Encourage repeat business with seasonal tickets and memberships

Selling seasonal tickets and memberships is a great way for businesses to earn extra income, whilst still encouraging customers to visit more often due to the savings they’d be making from buying a membership. Seasonal tickets and memberships are also excellent choices for birthday or Christmas gifts to loved ones. Plus, you can add incentives to make your membership tiers more appealing, for example offering exclusive extras for customers to receive during each of their visits.

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Ticketing Features

  • Maximise revenue through up-sells, cross-sells, gift vouchers & more

    Increase your revenue with Beyonk’s efficient booking software that allows you to share your tickets with third-party websites and include custom add-ons.
  • Unrivalled customer support

    We have a dedicated team who are here to support you should need a helping hand getting started.
  • Cost effective with no hidden fees

    Our software is completely free to use and get set up. We charge a 4% commission when you take bookings.
  • QR codes & scanning

    Utilise Beyonk’s QR scanning tools to create a seamless check in experience for your customers.
  • Shopping cart functionality

    Allow customers to add multiple experiences and add-ons such as gift vouchers to their shopping cart and check out in a single purchase.
  • Gather questionnaires, waivers

    Does your business need more digital capabilities? Beyonk has the functionality you need to have customers sign waivers electronically.

Why Beyonk?

Everything we do is about driving bookings to your business, that’s why Beyonk is the perfect choice for your next booking system provider. We make managing your business a delight, not a chore by allowing you to automate the booking journey so you spend less time in front of a computer screen.

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What our customers say

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We are more than happy - the software is simple and intuitive to use. It is very easy to update tours or add new ones. The integration with our website and assistance from the support team has been amazing. We can't fault the customer service and we would thoroughly recommend Beyonk for all your ticketing needs.

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Our partners

Here at Beyonk, we want to give you the best chance possible at selling tickets for your activities.

That's why we partner with a number of tourist boards and DMOs who actively promote your events in order to increase visibility and maximise your revenue.

Likewise, Beyonk also takes an active approach to sharing your activities so you can reach as many new customers as possible.

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Need some help?

Did you know we’re available to help you get started with your new booking system? A member of our team can give you a tour of our booking software and be on hand to answer any questions.

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