Sell tickets online for ice rinks

Sell more tickets online for ice rinks by using Beyonk’s powerful and intuitive booking system. Beyonk helps to maximise revenue and reduce admin duties.

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Online ticketing for ice rinks

Skate forwards into the future of bookings management and partner with Beyonk for your Ice Rink online marketing, sales and bookings management. Beyonk was set up due to the pain points of finding and booking experiences. With many booking solutions still operating with outdated tech, it’s become increasingly difficult for organisations like yours to take the leap into this new digital age. Beyonk is the award-winning solution to your ticketing needs. We’ve built a fully optimised, mobile-friendly system that allows you to manage your ice rink business more efficiently. Create event schedules and set up multiple time slots with ease. Include add-ons during the checkout process to help maximise your revenue opportunities and allow customers to upgrade their experience. Selling gift vouchers is as simple as the click of a button. You can also create digital waivers that can be sent to customers prior to their arrival so you worry less about administrative duties on the day and spend more time ensuring your visitors are enjoying their time with you. You’re amazing at what you do, so why settle for anything less than with the tools you use?

Maximise revenue by upselling, cross selling and gift vouchers

Did you know you could generate 9% more annual revenue by utilising add-ons during the checkout process? By including extras and upgrades to your experiences such as a premium drinks package or lunch, customers are much more likely to spend more to make the most out of their day out. Another way to maximise your revenue is by selling gift vouchers for your experiences. That way, customers are able to purchase a gift voucher for themselves to use at a later date, or invite friends and family, helping you to reach more customers.

Digital waivers

Getting customers to sign waivers when they arrive at your experience can be a little daunting for them and time consuming for your frontline staff. What if you had the flexibility to have all waivers signed digitally prior to arrival? With us, you can create waivers within your account which will be automatically emailed to a customer upon booking, creating less admin for your staff.

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Gift vouchers

When you take into account that 33% of total annual gift voucher revenue is sold in December and 16% is sold in November, that’s a large portion of profit earned in just two months of the year. Selling gift vouchers for your experiences is the perfect way to maximise revenue and reach a whole new group of customers. With Beyonk, setting up your gift voucher widget is as simple as the click of a button to enable the feature.

Include checkout questions

Do you need to ask your customer additional questions prior to their arrival? Don’t worry about sending emails or calling, with Beyonk, you can set up to three checkout questions which can be set as mandatory. Easily discover whether your customers have any food allergies or use this opportunity to ask them to sign up to your newsletter. You can also have them confirm they’ve read and signed your digital waiver.

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Ticketing Features

  • Flexible platform to suit your needs

    Our software has flexible customisation and payments options.
  • Maximise revenue through up-sells, cross-sells, gift vouchers & more

    Sell extras such as experience upgrades or gift vouchers to increase your annual revenue.
  • QR codes & scanning

    Reduce queues fast and efficiently with Beyonk’s QR scanning tool.
  • Seasonal pricing

    We don’t charge you monthly fees, you only pay when you take a booking, so you won’t pay a penny during your closed season.
  • Business reporting, and sales analysis

    Discover how your experiences are performing with Beyonk’s financial and health reports.
  • Customer self-serve

    Worry less about walk-ins and phone calls with Beyonk’s optimised ticketing system.

Why Beyonk?

Here at Beyonk, we genuinely care about the success of your business. Whether you’re new to the tourism and leisure industry or have been going strong for years, we’ve created a simple-to-use system that caters to all types of organisations.

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What our customers say

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After trying other booking systems in the past, I discovered Beyonk last year. For me they really stand out from the rest for their level of customer service and engagement. They also actively engage with me about future functionality and features they are developing including those I request. Another big help has been their refund policy (especially important at the moment) so I can encourage potential clients to book safe in the knowledge they won't (and I won't) lose out if the trip can't run or they can't join.

Paul at MyGuidedWalks

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Our partners

Here at Beyonk, we want to give you the best chance possible at selling tickets for your activities.

That's why we partner with a number of tourist boards and DMOs who actively promote your events in order to increase visibility and maximise your revenue.

Likewise, Beyonk also takes an active approach to sharing your activities so you can reach as many new customers as possible.

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