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Make your organisation paperless by replacing printed tickets with Beyonk’s fast and powerful QR ticketing system. Check in crowds of visitors smoothly and efficiently with a simple scan.

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Control crowds effortlessly

Checking visitors in can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you run very large events. Manually stamping every customer’s ticket can be a lot to take on, especially if you’re short staffed.

Customers don’t like waiting in long lines and can easily become frustrated waiting to get into your event or tour.

That’s where Beyonk can help. There are multiple methods you can choose for checking in your guests, one of which is searching for a booking reference ID.

Alternatively, our software can generate a QR code for customers to bring with them to your event. Our check-in service allows you to scan virtual or printed QR codes using any device with a camera connected to the internet, or you have the option to purchase one of Beyonk’s QR scanners when hosting larger festivals and outdoor events where things can get rainy or dirty, or scanning long queues from a fixed desktop station.

Checking in visitors has never been easier, allowing you to reduce queues much faster, and providing a great customer experience on first arrival.

Avoid fraud

Using Beyonk’s QR scanners, no ticket can ever be redeemed once it has already been checked-in. You can easily see if the ticket has expired or has been refunded.

Multiple scanners can be used at the same time checking people in and it will ensure you’ll always have a single source of truth, so tickets are never redeemed more than once. This ensures all visitors have paid for tickets, so everyone is treated fairly and you get the income you deserve.

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Provide personalised check-ins

Beyonk’s QR scanners give you extra details such as customer names so you can provide a personalised welcome and any add-ons purchased so your front-desk can fulfil any upsell requests too.

Get reports for actionable insights to operate more efficiently

At any point, you can see how many people have been checked in, and what specific customers have been checked in. This allows you to decide when to offer more tickets, or remove front-desk staff once the majority of visitors have been checked in.

QR scanning reports enable you to see how many people are no-shows, which means in the future, you can sell more tickets to ensure you reach actual capacity.

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Cover all scenarios

Checking in groups that turn up at different times can sometimes be a pain. Beyonk has enabled partial check-in so you can only check-in the people that turn up.

When people leave your venue, you can check them out and re-scan their ticket for entry, ensuring you have a simple access management queue.

Beyonk’s QR scanning has been tried and tested with a range of devices and provide you with the peace of mind you need to check-in customers for your event without issue. Our customer success team will work with you to get the scanners you need and will provide support to ensure you’re set up and ready to go.

Make your organisation paperless

If you’re looking for a way to make your business a paperless organisation, Beyonk is the perfect solution.

We’re on our way to becoming a certified B corporation and it’s our goal to help our clients who are passionate about preserving the environment look for alternative ways to run their business.

A way to combat this is by issuing virtual tickets when a customer makes a booking, particularly a QR code. With Beyonk’s QR scanners at your side, it’s easy to check the validity of a customer’s ticket and welcome guests to your event.

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Trusted by top experience providers…

Upgrade your visitor experience

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  • Increase revenue

    Lock in commitment and boost conversion rates. In addition, generate more ticket sales through our unique distribution network.

  • Improve customer experience

    Delight your customers by ensuring they have all the information they need in advance, make sure you’re correctly staffed and ticket queues are reduced with the help of our QR scanning software so you spend less time dealing with unprepared customers.

  • Reduce admin duties

    Once your events are set up and live on your website, customers can self-serve their booking experience whilst your system collects booking details and sends them to your dashboard.

Discover the features we offer by scheduling a demo with our expert sales team.

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Ticketing Features

  • Unrivalled customer support

    Did you know our specialist team is on hand 24/7 to support you whilst getting started.
  • Reduce admin with automated emails

    Automate your email communications with Beyonk’s fast, simple to use tools.
  • Different ticket types, concessions & memberships

    Beyonk is the ultimate ticketing system for your business that allows you to set up multiple ticket types.
  • Cost effective with no hidden fees

    We don’t believe in charging monthly fees. We charge an industry-low 4% fee for every booking you take.
  • QR codes & scanning

    Been thinking about going paperless? With Beyonk’s QR scanning tool at your disposal, it’s never been easier to make the switch.
  • Single slot or multi-day scheduling

    Set up multiple ticket types for single or multi-day events with the help of Beyonk’s simple, yet powerful software.
  • Point of sale

    Considering 82% of travel arrangements were made via mobile in 2018, we’ve ensured our system is fully optimised for mobile.
  • Channel manager

    Maximise your revenue opportunities when you opt to use our Channel Manager tool. Share your tickets via online travel agent websites such as TripAdvisor.
  • Shopping cart functionality

    Utilise our shopping cart tool to allow customers to purchase more experiences with you in a single check out.
  • Business reporting, and sales analysis

    Keep track of your business performance with our simple but effective reporting metrics.
  • Integrate with 5000+ apps

    Beyonk connects you to over 5000 apps to streamline admin and workflows.
  • Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

    Utilise our fast and effective booking system to manage your bookings and process cancellations seamlessly.

What our customers say

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We recently moved our special events ticketing to Beyonk and have been so pleased with the functionality and ease of use. We now use it for all our online ticketing. It's a very well designed, easy-to-use system both at the customer interface, managing customer requests and refunds. Reports and customer information is straightforward and simple to access. Superb, great business support, ease-of-use, and very cost effective.

Alan at Pooles Cavern

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Our partners

Want to gain exposure for your business and upcoming events and activities? Beyonk has partnered with a large number of organisations such as GWR and Tourism South East who work with us to share your tickets to their millions of website visitors.

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