The best ticketing software for schools and university events

Use Beyonk’s intuitive ticketing software for schools and university events. Watch your admin reduce with our powerful automated and advanced features.

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Online ticketing for schools and university events

Are you looking for a booking system that makes organising events simple and effortless? Beyonk is the perfect solution to your ticketing needs as we put usability above all else. With a support team on hand, you’ll have all you need to get set up and manage attendees for your collegiate affair. Create multiple event schedules with ease, include checkout questions to gather further information such as what class or club are you part of and use our reporting tool to analyse how your events are performing. We also have QR code capabilities to check in many visitors at any point and see who actually turned up.

Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

There’s no point choosing a booking system that requires you to pick up the phone every time you need to amend or cancel a customer booking. This will slow down your productivity and ultimately cause more inconvenience in daily management than having to manually update bookings yourself. Beyonk’s software allows you to amend and cancel bookings in a few short clicks, making business management that much easier and more efficient.

Include checkout questions

When you’re selling tickets to your experiences, you may need to acquire additional information from your customers such as a t-shirt size or food allergies. With Beyonk, we enable you to set questions during the checkout process which saves you time having to ring customers to find out these important details.  Alternatively, checkout questions can be used for your marketing efforts if you want to encourage users to sign up to your newsletter or discover where they found out about your brand.

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Ticketing Features

  • Instant booking or pre-paid requests

    Choose between an instant (guaranteed) booking system or give yourself the flexibility to accept and deny bookings.
  • Unrivalled customer support

    Our unrivalled, proactive customer support is included within our fees.
  • Single slot or multi-day scheduling

    Create multiple schedule types effortlessly in your Beyonk account.
  • Shopping cart functionality

    One of the most popular ways to increase ticket sales is with Beyonk’s shopping cart functionality.
  • Gather questionnaires, waivers

    Create questionnaires for customers to provide feedback on your experiences.
  • Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

    We give you the flexibility you need to amend, cancel and refund customer bookings.

Why Beyonk?

Due to Beyonk’s simple and optimised booking software, and our approach to helping tourism and leisure businesses thrive, we’re growing at hundreds of percent year on year.

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What our customers say

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The booking system is easily integrated and the back end is easy to navigate through. Oscar and the team are always on hand and constantly taking on feedback on how to improve the system.

Kieran at Sea Kayak Torbay

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Our partners

Here at Beyonk, we want to give you the best chance possible at selling tickets for your activities.

That's why we partner with a number of tourist boards and DMOs who actively promote your events in order to increase visibility and maximise your revenue.

Likewise, Beyonk also takes an active approach to sharing your activities so you can reach as many new customers as possible.

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