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Covering events, activities and tours, Beyonk is the all-in-one booking software for walking tour providers to sell tickets online and maximise revenue.

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Online ticketing for walking tours

Walk this way… let’s pick up the pace and show you the future of bookings management, making it easier to sell online, maximise revenue and minimise admin. Beyonk is your all-in-one booking software that allows you to manage your walking tours more effectively. Spend less time on admin, and more time on what matters most, by automating workflows and processes such as automating emails, requests for reviews and much more. Create complex ticketing in a matter of minutes with our capacity management and time slot features that allows you to control crowds and spread visitors out evenly throughout the day. Make your customers' experience more enjoyable and remove the added stress of large groups from your frontline staff members. Are you looking for booking software that can help leverage your business and connect you with more customers?  At Beyonk, we’re dedicated to looking for ways we can add value to our clients. That’s why we partner with a number of high-profile tourist boards who are committed to helping you extend your online reach and sell more tickets. Advertise your tickets on the likes of Visit Cornwall, GWR and National Parks UK and watch your sales revenue rise.

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Quick and easy event tour ticketing solutions

Are you looking for a quick and easy ticketing solution? Beyonk makes selling tickets online effortless. Go paperless when you opt to use digital QR codes as ticket confirmation. Pair that with Beyonk’s QR ticket scanners and your frontline staff and customers will enjoy a seamless check in process. Set up new ticket listings in a matter of minutes and automate the booking journey so you can focus on what really matters.

Shopping cart functionality

We all know how easy it can be to keep adding more and more items to your shopping cart when surfing the web. The ability to purchase multiple items allows customers to have a more seamless shopping experience, whilst making it much more likely brands will sell more and maximise revenue. With Beyonk, you can add this shopping cart feature to your experiences too, perfect for encouraging customers to buy multiple experiences, as well as any add-ons such as gift vouchers.

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Single slot or multi-day scheduling

Running the same tour multiple times a day? Do you need the flexibility to create specific time slots for customers to choose when they’d like to visit? With Beyonk, we give you the tools you need to customise tickets to your liking. Set up time slots and capacity limits, as well as end times so you can have some breathing space between scheduled tours.

Reduce admin

With a flexible central calendar to easily view scheduled events, bookings and your staff availability, you can view your business at a glance and quickly get into the details to manage bookings, customers and messages. Minimise screen time and maximise customer satisfaction with our simple management tools such as single click refunds, in-built messaging and flexibility to set up the system to suit your business. Use Beyonk to manage your equipment, staff and customers!

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Ticketing Features

  • Instant booking or pre-paid requests

    We provide the flexibility you need to process instant and pre-paid booking requests.
  • Single slot or multi-day scheduling

    Whether you’re running an event over a few days or a single, but recurring event, Beyonk allows you to set the scheduling rules.
  • Shopping cart functionality

    Allow customers to purchase more than one of your experiences in a single check out.
  • Staff scheduling & resource management

    Add multiple staff members to your booking calendar so the whole team can see who is running a particular tour.
  • Gather feedback from questionnaires

    We’ve enabled our clients to send waivers and questionnaires out to customers after a booking has occurred.
  • Simple bookings management, cancel & amends

    Stop worrying about daily administrative duties. Set up ticket listings in a matter of minutes and you can manage cancellations and booking amends effortlessly.

Why Beyonk?

Beyonk is the all-in-one ticketing platform for your business. Whilst there are hundreds of companies offering booking systems to the leisure industry, none work so closely with the industry itself as we do.

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What our customers say

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After trying other booking systems in the past, I discovered Beyonk last year. For me they really stand out from the rest for their level of customer service and engagement. They also actively engage with me about future functionality and features they are developing including those I request. Another big help has been their refund policy (especially important at the moment) so I can encourage potential clients to book safe in the knowledge they won't (and I won't) lose out if the trip can't run or they can't join.

Paul at MyGuidedWalks

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Our partners

Increase ticket sales by allowing our partners to share your tours via their website. Reach millions of users searching for experiences and maximise your revenue and online presence. Our partners are just as passionate about helping businesses increase sales as we are and they offer industry-low booking fee rates of 10%.

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