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Access the tools previously only available to e-commerce leaders

Technology has changed the way people shop and buy

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Fully responsive and offers simple customer interaction to purchase tickets.

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- David, Heritage Wood

It’s less about out-of-date sun-faded flyers in local outlets and it’s more about being where your customers are searching for things to do online.

They’re looking for inspiration on social media and they’re looking for trust on review platforms. There needs to be a new way of operating to take advantage of the latest developments of customer habits and expectations…

  • Having rich content pre-booking to inspire booking and answering all FAQs
  • Enabling people to book with you in a single click automating your payments and calendar, staff, equipment and resources to cater for the more than 50% of customers who book out of office hours and want convenience and instant gratification
  • Empowering customers to self-serve so they can amend their own bookings when it’s convenient for them
  • Building strong relationships with visitors so they have all the information they need pre and post arrival, from being able to cater for their bespoke needs to bring able to check them in with speed
  • Retain and build relationships afterwards to learn how to continue engaging with you and be considered for future deals, events and communications

You’re going to automate all this work, so you spend less time on admin and have better customer engagement and growth built into your mode of operation.

Beyonk provides a platform that powers your entire business to do all of this, maximising your success in today’s ever-changing complicated world, and putting you at the forefront of the industry without all the hard work.

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Fully responsive and offers simple customer interaction to purchase tickets.

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- David, Heritage Wood

More than software

We provide a team of experts to maximise your success with unrivalled support.

When you join Beyonk, we are invested in your success and we work to build a long term successful partnership with you. We have a suite of tools in our portfolio so we can recommend the specialist tool to get a perfect fit with your business. More than just excellent software tools, our team of experts proactively monitor your account and assess ways to drive more bookings and minimise your admin.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you what your requirements are and how Beyonk may be able to help. Please get in contact to discuss through live chat, email or schedule a call.

Team Beyonk
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Customer support has been fantastic. Very patient and knowledgeable with great advice provided.

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- Steve, New Forest Cycling Tours

Pricing plans to support your growth

Beyonk offers pricing plans to suit all types of businesses. Our standard plans offer a pay as you go so you only pay for when you need the system. With no long term commitments, it’s in our best interest to make you successful so we can keep your loyalty.

We also offer bespoke plans for scale businesses or businesses with high average order values where monthly fees are preferable. We’re passionate about helping as many people find and book experiences as possible, so we’ll aim to find a commercial model that works for you.

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Using Beyonk has given us an online presence that we didn’t previously have for no extra cost.

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- Liz, Route 2 Bikes

Work with a fast-growing and trusted platform

Because of our software and our approach, Beyonk is growing at hundreds of percent year on year, with top reviews, over a 50% referral rate, processing millions of bookings each month. We rely on your referrals to grow so we can invest more in developing the platform for you and the community. We work together and we succeed together.

The Beyonk difference

See what life is like when you start your journey with Beyonk

Your visitors get a great first impression

Beyonk sits on your website and sends you more customer bookings. More upfront money and less worry of last minute drop-outs. You accept bookings from other channels such as walk-ins, OTAs and local websites all in one place, automated without the need to reconcile or manage lots of different platforms.

You sell more, and on your own terms

You’re able to set up whatever tickets you want, sell memberships, season tickets, merchandise and more. Set your own pricing to have the system for free, or avoid passing on booking fees - you’re in total control to do what you want including updating the system at any time.

You get paid directly

You get money straight into your account every day or when you want, so you don’t have to wait around, or do manual work.

You gather the data you need

You capture all the information you need from customers, including automating waivers, questionnaires and integrating to whatever CRM or other tools you use. Your keep your customer data and can export all data at any point.

You champion your brand

Your booking experience is part of your brand and customers have a great first impression. Customers are aware they’re your customer, booking directly with you.

You build relationships

Your emails are automatically sent to customers. Helping you to deliver critical information about events without any manual work. You automatically gather reviews to key platforms, request social followers and encourage repeat visits.

You stay organised

You know when you’re busy, when you have downtime and how much staff or resources you need. Your team can collaborate with you and take on the roles they need to run a smooth ship. Refunds and amendments are a breeze and your customers can update their bookings when they need.

You welcome your guests

You automate your workflows and emails to prepare guests. You easily check in customers, knowing their names and what they like. You can easily take walk-in bookings and over the phone bookings in one place keeping a single view of visitors driving accurate reporting.

You make the right decisions simply and easily

You have all the information at your fingertips to make the right decisions for the future. All of your financials are easily available, and minimise all of your admin.

You stay in control and reduce time spent on admin

You can change prices, add more events and have full flexibility over what you want to do.

You get your biggest fans

We’ll be your biggest fans and have you covered with unrivalled support when you need & we’ll ensure everything that’s in our power is optimised for you to succeed.

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